About Us

A Message From the President

After working as a salesman for more than ten years in the shipping supply industry, I decided to open my own company with the help of my life-long friend Terry Travis, who also had experience in packaging supplies. We both found it frustrating working for companies that treated customers and staff like numbers, and we vowed that our new company would be different.

Advance Shipping Supplies Inc. was born in 1985. In the beginning, I worked on the road in sales, and Terry managed the office and warehouse.

We’re proud of the fact that we’ve stayed true to the values and vision we had from day one. It’s always been very important to us to first understand our customers and then supply them with well-made products that meet their needs for a fair price. Our strategy seems to be working—Advance has grown continuously for over 30 years.

We stock thousands of products, and through our partnership with key suppliers, can quickly order thousands more to get you exactly what you want. We also offer environmentally-responsible products that minimize waste and reduce your carbon footprint.

Our experienced sales professionals act as consultants, often recommending solutions, supplying quality products, and finding the best options for your situation.

Our inside staff is a team of honest, hard-working employees who also share our vision. We all want to give our customers the attention they deserve as we provide them with great products and packaging solutions.

You’re the expert in your industry; we’re the experts in packaging and shipping supplies. Why not let us help you run an efficient warehouse so you can make your customers happy?

David Waite